Welcome to Roscommon Tyre Centre

Roscommon Tyre Centre provides clients all across the greater Roscommon area with a professional tyre repair and tyre replacement service.
Along with providing an efficient and competitively priced puncture and tyre service, we also offer clients a:

  • Delivery and Collection Service

  • Battery Replacement

  • Battery Diagnostic Testing

  • Replacement Parts for Exhaust and Catalytic Converters

Delivery and Collection Service

We provide clients with a collection service that is available all around Roscommon town.
This convenient and time efficient service allows customers to have their tyres repaired or replaced without the inconvenience of having to visit our premises. A member of our team can pick up your vehicle from your home or place of work and carry-out all tyre replacement and battery checks before returning the vehicle at an agreed upon time.
This service means your vehicle’s tyres and battery can be kept in prestige condition without your personal schedule being interrupted.

To book our collection service, get in contact with Roscommon Tyre Centre today.


Roscommon Tyre Centre are the battery experts. We provide battery replacements for all kinds of vehicles including:

  • Cars

  • Quads

  • Motorbikes

  • Light Commercial Vehicles

  • Agricultural Vehicles

We stock a huge selection of vehicle batteries that are all subjected to our rigorous testing procedures before being made available to clients. This ensures that all the batteries we offer are operating at optimum efficiency.
The battery brands we offer include:

  • Bosch

  • Yuasa

  • Varta

For further information on the batteries we stock, get in contact with Roscommon Tyre Centre today.

Battery Diagnostic Testing

We provide battery testing and battery diagnostic test facilities to our clients. Using state-of-the-art battery testing software our technicians are able to diagnose problems with batteries along with potential issues with a vehicle’s electrics.
This service checks and correctly finds common faults that can impede the performance of a car.
This quick and extremely efficient service can ensure that potential issues are dealt with before they become major problems.

Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Parts

Worn or damaged exhausts or ineffective catalytic converters can be detrimental to the clean running of an engine.
Roscommon Tyre Centre provides clients with replacement parts to both exhausts and catalytic converters. We supply parts for all car brands and our team of experts can help advise clients on the right new part for their vehicle.

For further information on our state of the art battery diagnostic testing, get in contact with Roscommon Tyre Centre today.

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